Photo Editor

Editing photos has been a constant aspect of my career. I started out photoblogging in 2007, published an independent photography magazine, built a large following on Tumblr, worked with some of the most innovative photographers for Photographers’ Sketchbooks and went on the wire, helping build the Shutterstock Editorial presence on social. Looking at and editing photographs is not just work, it’s a true pleasure.


Shutterstock Instagram

Most recently, I was the lead Photo Editor for the Shutterstock and ShutterstockNow Instagram accounts, where I developed the strategy and collaborated with colleagues on editing photos on a daily basis. On the main Instagram, we developed an overarching theme of ‘Epic’ to showcase the varying styles of photography in the Shutterstock collection.


Instagram Stories became a vital aspect to both channels, allowing the presentation of photographs in new mobile formats. On the ShutterstockNow Twitter channel, I was the lead Editor during the live coverage of the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards.

LPV Magazine


From 2011 to 2013, I independently published 7 issues of LPV Magazine, featuring photographers I discovered and met through the internet. For each issue, I selected the theme, photographers and edits, then worked closely with a designer on the layout. I was fortunate to work with amazing photographers such as Tabitha Soren, Amani Willett, Ed Panar, Tony Fouse, Nicholas Calcott and John Francis Peter.